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About Us

ECS Holding AS is a development company based in Norway. The people behind the company has for nearly 40 years been engaged in development and sales of sound-related products with an emphasis on home hi-fi, studio and broadcast.
The development managers in the company has developed the products to the Electrocompaniet from 1972 to 2004.
Since 2005 has the company developed products for Abrahamsen Audio, which currently mainly sold through Elkjop in Scandinavia - part of Dixons Retail plc (192 stores in 4 countries).
In 2008, we developed several digital-to-analog converters where we use a USB circuit from Burr Brown in the United States. This was our first products in which we began to use more digital circuits.
Electronic - Consulting - Services
ECS Holding AS PostBox 16, 1468 Finstadjordet  Tel. + 47 67 97 81 90 Fax + 47 67 97 81 91
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